Diwali 2014 Celebration Ideas on Lakshmi Puja

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Lots of preparations go into making Diwali festival bright, fun and awesome. From renovating and decorating your house to buying new dresses and gifts to making tempting and mouth-watering dishes, there are lots of things that needs to be taken care of. In addition, handsome amount of money is also spent in making all the preparations. But do you know you can make Diwali festival 2014 much more fun and extraordinary without breaking your bank.

Here are some simple tips that will not only help you celebrate Diwali in awesome way but will prove extremely pocket friendly:
  1. Try DIY decoration ideas: During Diwali individuals spend handsome amount of money in buying stuff for decorating their houses including lamps, diyas, kandils etc. Buying these things prove really heavy on your pocket. But by using DIY decoration ideas and creating lamps, kandils and torans on your own you can’t only save nice bucks but you will be able to give your house a very different and unique look. You can also try painting and decorating diyas and pooja ki thali on your own. All you need is colorful ribbons, glue, glitter, embellishments etc.
  2. Prepare sweets rather than buying: During Diwali you not only serve mouth watering sweets to your guests but you also have gift them to your loved ones and family members. When visiting friends and family on the next day of the Diwali it is a tradition to take a box of sweets along. So, this Diwali try and prepare temting and delicious sweets all by yourself. You can easily find recipes online. This won’t only help you save money but will keep you away from adulteration. Because during Diwali it is very common to hear about adulterated and stale food items being sold even by reputed sweet shops.
  3. Gift handcrafted gift items: Diwali celebration 2014 can be very special not only for you but for your loved ones if you present them with handcrafted gift items. You can make beautiful gift items and cards for Diwali. These customized gifts will not only prove pocket friendly but it will also make the receiver feel more special.
We hope you will find these Diwali 2014 celebration ideas interesting as well as easy to implement.
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